Easy Home Cleaning Hacks for Busy Girls at London Escorts

I have to big passions in my life. The first one is working for London escorts, and the second one is housecleaning.  Okay, I know that its sounds a bit funny that a girl from  admiring London escorts should be into housecleaning but I have always loved it. Before I started to work for London escorts, I thought that I might start a cleaning company in London. However, it would have been tough. Traffic is so mad in London that it would have taken me ages to get around.


But I have not given up on my housecleaning business idea. Some of my London escorts regulars love it when I put my Marigolds on and go to work around their homes. When I am not busy doing that, I run a little housecleaning blog where I show you how to clean your home. For instance, I test new cleaning products and give people ideas on how they can save money on housecleaning.


All types of housecleaning products can be very expensive. If you want to save money on house cleaning products, you should turn to stores like Lidl and Aldi. They have some excellent cleaning products. But you can also use other things that you can find around the house. Did you know that salt and lemons make an excellent sink cleaner, and you can use white flour and bicarbonate soda to get rid of dirty stains in the bath. All of the girls at London escorts know how passionate I am about housecleaning, and often get hot tips for me.



Instead of spending a fortune on mops, you can use socks. Fluffy socks are great for when it comes to picking up dust off the floor, and you can even use them to mop the floor. I use them all of the time instead of using a broom indoors. They are ten times more efficient in picking up dust when a broom and I even think that they are better than a hoover. When you mop the floor with them using water, it may not dry so quickly. I mainly use them in the bathroom when I keep back a pair to dry the floor as well. If you are only cleaning a small areas such as my kitchen at my London escorts boudoir, you only add a small amount of water and floor cleaner and mop the floor quickly.


Socks are also handy for other things. I often use them to dust with, and if I want to dust quickly before I start my London escorts shift, I just put a sock on my hand and dust around. If you are a clean ornament collector, you can also use them to dust your ornaments. It gives you better to control, and if you get stuck, use an old stocking to get into any nooks. By the way, did you know that old stockings can be used to clean the windows and mirrors in your home. You really need to check them out, it works brilliantly and is really quick as well. If you want any more ideas, or would like me to come around and clean your home in my sexy little pinny, just give me a call at our escort agency  in London.

Teenage Boy Hires Female Escort For His First Time

Teenage Boy Hires Female Escort For His First Time

Teenage years are among some of most challenging ones in life. At this age, the weight of transitioning from childhood to adulthood often seems unbearable. This is the time many teens discover new feelings and urges, like the desire to have sex. There is also so much peer pressure to do what your fellow teens do. This was exactly what happened to one teenage boy from North London named Evan. At 17 years of age, Evans’ desire to have sex had become very real. His friends often talked about their experiences, but he couldn’t make a significant contribution as he had no sexual experience. This made him become even more eager to have sex. Unfortunately, Evans was still a shy boy with no guts to approach a girl and convince her to become his girlfriend, let alone sex mate.

Being curious about the possible remedies to his situation, Evan took to searching the Internet. He found a website https://charlotteaction.org where he could hire an escort to have sex with him. These girls were beautiful and their services were affordable to him. However, he could not afford both the girl and a hotel room. Therefore, Evans decided to hire an escort and bring her to his home while his parents were gone for a three-day business trip.

The escort’s name was Melinda. She was beautiful and curvy in all the right places. On arrival, she did a brief introduction of herself to Evan, making him become more at ease. What followed was a short kiss initiated by Melinda. With just that kiss Evan was already becoming overwhelmed by the feelings. She unbuttoned his shirt and caressed his chest. She then undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She gently grasped his manhood, which was erect and ready.

This is the moment Evan had been waiting for all along; it was time to have real sex, not fantasies. She slightly pushed Evan onto the bed. Melinda understood well what was before her, and she got right down to business. Being that it was his first time, he finished in a matter of about 15 minutes. However, he was not done. His second, third, fourth shot was as strong as the first one. After a close to 3 hour marathon, Evans was more than satisfied, and happy to have met Melinda. It was a great life experience for Evan. He jokingly said that he’d taken a 3-hour trip to heaven.